COVID-19 Safety

The New Normal In


  • No walk-in appointments permitted.
  • Guests will be provided disposable masks if they do not bring their own.
  • Temperatures will be taken at your time of arrival, and if temperature exceeds 100.3 degrees, your appointment will be canceled with a non-refundable deposit.
  • During this pandemic, we are marking out additional time for sanitation and different timing due to your new growth and length of hair.
  • Check-in will be done at the front door, and we will greet you with a salutation rather than a hug or a handshake.
  • Guests arriving early for appointments will be asked to leave a cell phone number and to wait in their car until service provider is ready.
  • Stylist will provide a virtual consultation either through FaceTime or text message.
  • Retail will be pulled and bagged by receptionist.
  • Checkout will still be done at reception desk, but please allow proper social distancing.
  • Please note: During the pandemic, no beverages will be served in the salon and no magazines will be allowed in the salon. All guests will have to take care of their own personal belongings, so please limit the items you bring into the salon.